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Jerome’s Story

Jerome came to Jericho in 2003 after years on the streets and in shelters battling substance addiction.


His goal: to rebuild his life and reconnect with his children, particularly his daughter whom he dreamed of seeing graduate from high school.


With Jericho’s help, Jerome conquered the addiction that had severed his relationships with his children. He graduated from culinary arts school and attended Jericho Vocational and Educational Program seminars and workshops to find employment. Undeterred by his lack of a job history, Jerome diligently applied to every job available, interviewing for a position at Whole Foods after researching and visiting the company.


His determination paid off. Jerome was hired as a maintenance worker and within months was promoted to supervisor. Jerome has worked at Whole Foods for nearly two years and realized his dream of seeing his daughter graduate from high school and go to college.


In 2009 Jerome was selected as Whole Foods Employee of the Year for the entire Northeast region, an honor that included an all expense-paid trip for two, which he shared with his daughter.Now Head Supervisor of Maintenance for Whole Foods, Jerome graduated from Jericho to his own apartment in March 2010, a home that he pays for on his own, without any public assistance.


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